The month of September is celebrated as Tourism Month, this year the theme is Tourism and Digital Transformation.

The Provincial Tourism Office organized series of activities from September 17, - 28, 2018 such as Tourism Awareness Tour, Tour Guiding Contest, Brochure Making Contest, and Seminar on Career Opportunities in tourism industry.

The Tourism Awareness Tour was participated in by different schools and colleges in Bataan. Students had the chance to experience Mt. Samat Shrine of Valoor, Bataan World War II Museum, and Bataan Tourism Center, all for free.
At the Bataan Tourism Center, interactive games were conducted to test the knowledge of the students and to raise awareness on how rich the culture and history of Bataan is.

Alongside with the activities were the Tour Guiding and the Brochure Making Contest, which were held last September 25, 2018. Students showed off their skills and enthusiasm in tour guiding and unleased their creativity in making brochures. The winners for the tour guiding contest are: 1st – Bataan Peninsula State University, 2nd – Eastwoods Dinalupihan, 3rd – Philippine Womens’ University, and 4th – Eastwoods City of Balanga. The winners for the Brochure Making Contest are: 1ST – Bataan Peninsula State University, 2nd Eastwoods City of Balanga, 3rd – Philippine Womens University, and 4th – Eastwoods Dinalupihan.

The tourism month culminated in a seminar about the Career Opportunities in the Tourism Industry. The speaker for this year’s tourism month seminar is Mr. Jay Aguila Aquino, an educator, and a candidate for Ph.D International Hospitality Management at Lyceum of the Philippines University in Intramuros, Manila. Mr. Aquino completed his Master’s Degree in Business Management at Holy Angel University.

Mr. Aquino discussed about the employment opportunities and career development in tourism industry. The participants in the seminar were the Grade 12 students of Bonifacio Camacho National Highschool, Bataan National Highschool, students from Philippine Womens University, Bataan Peninsula State University and Eastwoods City of Balanga and Dinalupihan.

Together, let us contribute towards the implementation of sustainable development goals and let us utilize the digital transformation in promoting the tourist destinations in the Peninsula of Bataan. 

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