Enjoy zip line with your friends at Mt. Samat Zip line. It is the Longest Zip line in Central Luzon. From the rear area of Mt. Samat Firing range in Diwa, Pilar you will travel through a beautiful valley, and zip across at 540 meters and nearly sixty full seconds. You will end up at the Dunsulan Falls. It is definitely not for children and people with heart condition.

Bataan offers a lot of epic biking trails where you can indulge in a multi stage races. If done well, the activity can help anyone get in touch with nature, save gas, live healthier, and win more friends along the way.

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Airsoft is a war game where you will eliminate your opponent by shooting them.


Thrill seekers and nature enthusiasts can now take part in a unique, exciting and exhilarating tree-hopping adventure in the province. Tree Hopping Adventure is the newest venture in Bataan and was offered in the year 2014.

It is undeniable that Bataan offers the most challenging and best rock for sport climbing in the province. What keeps it peaceful and quiet is the stiffness of the routes.