To experience what Balanga is known for and fully satisfy your Pinoy cravings, try Amanda's shrimp paste, dried fish and smoked fish. The smell may be a bit annoying to the unaccustomed nose but the taste, we guarantee, is heavenly.

From being a simple trader of dried and smoked fish products in 1990, Amanda is now considered as a leading business entity in the food processing industry in Bataan because of its vast range of processed marine products, such as dried fishes (tuyo), smoked fishes (tinapa), sautéed shrimp paste (ginisang bagoong alamang), and bottled products such as milkfish (bangus) in corn oil, dried herring (tuyo) and smoked fish flakes. Amanda’s Marine Products are available at Bataan Tourism Center and Plaza Mayor de Balanga (in front of Mc Donalds).